Pacman Strategies


Pacman Is About Thinking!

1. When being pursued by a ghost, turn corners. The ghosts will often continue straight ahead. Even if they do follow you, turning tends to slow them down more than it slows down Pac-Man.

2. Hide in the 'T-valves' (marked below) and wait for ghosts to pass before emerging safely. The areas marked with yellow dots are safest. You can usually wait indefinitely long on the right side of the bottom T without the ghosts getting you if you move into that position at the beginning of a level.

The T-Valves

The T-valves


3. Avoid the bottom area and the straight directly beneath the ghost hut. It's easy to get trapped by ghosts in these areas.

Game Zones

Danger zones


4. To eat more ghosts, wait until they're nearby before eating the power pills.

5. Round the ghosts up into a cluster before heading to a power pill so that you can have a better chance of eating all of them.

6. Take advantage of times when the ghosts go into scatter mode to eat dots in dangerous places.

7. Avoid following close behind a ghost (unless it's blue). They can change direction unexpectedly when going in and out of scatter mode and eat you.

8. When using the tunnel, entice the ghosts over to the entrance so that you reduce the risk of meeting one when coming out the other side.

9. Get to know the personalities of each ghost and you will be able to predict which way they'll turn.

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