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Tetris - a reference site for all things Tetris

Crossword puzzles - our online free Crossword Puzzles website.

Jigsaw puzzles - our online free Jigsaw Puzzles website.

Bejeweled - Play bejeweled puzzles online

Helicopter Game - Play bejeweled puzzles online


$100,000 Prize Offered by Billy Mitchell Information on the prize offered for proof that the split-screen (level 256) is solvable.


 The World's Best Pac-Man Patterns

Three famous patterns: The "GET pattern", "Bazo's Breaker" and the "Donut Dazzler".


Pac-Man Maze Solutions

Pattern descriptions for all levels. Read 'grape' as 'grenade', 'stewed fruit' as 'bell' and 'ice compot' as 'spaceship'.


'Pacman Nebula' Lives the High Life

An image from NASA of high-mass stars known informally as "Pacman Nebula" because of its appearance.


How Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man are doing it?

Some theories about how Jr. Pac-Man was conceived.